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Rise Undaunted is a movement of current & former LDS men gathering online and in person across the world. We help each other find our authentic self, our purpose, our passion, our genius, embrace our divine masculinity, and be fully alive!


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I thought I had it all together. That I could keep going and solve everything. But no matter how hard I tried, I didn’t feel connected to my family they way I wanted and my wife was getting more and more upset and frustrated. She kept asking for me to be there , or for actual support, and all I could hear was, “try harder, do more, what you are doing isn’t enough” It nearly all fell apart, I nearly lost everything because I couldn’t understand or see that I was operating from a nice guy syndrome. Luckily, I caught on soon enough to start making changes, to possible rescue the family that I want to have. It’s taken a great deal of coaching, conversation, and consistent reminders to keep from falling into the habits that were undermining my life despite my best intentions. But through it all, I like myself better now. And so does my wife. Rise Undaunted has been a critical part in this. Therapy, books, and coaches are all great, and needed, but it’s the every day conversation with guys who get it, who know what I’m doing and have been going through, that helps me get in the right mindset every day. They’re the support system and accountability that I didn’t know I needed. More than that, they’re the brotherhood, and friends, I didn’t know I was missing.

Michael S.

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You are a cumulative average of the 5 people you hang out with the most.  I find unconditional love, support and brotherhood, in short: power, by associating with the fine men here.  We are all trying to grow and embrace our diving masculine natures.  I love these guys!

Ash N.

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Rise Undaunted has become my daily go to for connecting with my brothers on a level not available anywhere else.

We have become better men as husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons of God.  I have spent hundreds of dollars a month on other programs that didn’t focus on my heart and solving childhood trauma.

I did not love God because I did not love myself.  Now after more than a year with Trevor and my bothers here I love myself now and I see the love of Jesus in everyone, everywhere.

Chad P.

Dan has been going to Rise Undaunted (a Divine Masculine Group) for almost a year now and I have seen him transform so much in his communication, his emotions, and overall our relationship is much stronger. I can see the difference when he goes to his weekly meetings, and when he misses them, so I know this is helping him and I think more men should be open minded and try this out and see the difference in their relationships and life!

Laura C.

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